Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cafe Muse

Hidden in the 2nd floor of this Pyeongtaek building is a little gem of a place called Cafe Muse. It boasts of Italian espresso and drinks. From the outside it looks like fun, and you can see glimpses of a relaxing atmosphere, but when you wander up nothing can prepare you for what you see.
Entering the second floor you are confronted right away with a glass door golden entrance. When you open the doors, you see Gold as far as the eye can see. Everything is in gold.

This place as not at all like Ann's dark and dingy place, but boasts of a rich and lush atmosphere. 
A gentleman approaches you and leads you to a little cubbie of which is hidden behind lush gold fabric. Inside you see 2 cute little couches, and a dark wooden table. There are no other decorations on the wall, just gold everywhere. A difference from all the other places that have the little decor items everywhere. 

The workers leaves you with a menu, (none of it is in English) and then when you are ready you push a button, just like at Ann's. We looked over the menu and tried to translate it using our translate, but to no avail, didn't work. So we pushed the button and asked for a cappuccino one hot and one cold. 

The flavor was rich and lush. Cinnamon was coated the top of them, with great foam. I had to get up and go to the front as ask for some sugar, in which they gave me a shot of liquid sugar syrup. That hit the spot, and did the trick. Ah, so we sat back, relaxed and started to dream about youth ministry. 
God really met us there as we dreamed, and we are excited about where He is leading. Woot woot! 

Overall this place was very neat, and clean. Even the bathrooms were golden with a common wash area. Very relaxing, and very quiet. 

9 out of 10 coffee beans!!! 

standing away from the Pyeongtaek trains station hold up right hand, walk down the ring finger street. Take the first left (at the art box store) and you will see it straight ahead on the right. Yellow sign. 

Here are some more photos:

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